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Course in Scientific Writing

Sharpen up your scientific paper - make it crystal clear, concise and engaging - a 3-day course

Make your scientific writing a success story with our 3-day Scientific Writing course! You can choose to participate only Day 1 or Days 1 and 2, but all three days is best. Enjoy training tailored to your needs!

Who should attend the course?

Anyone interested in increasing their publication rate should attend this course.
The course is targeted for researchers in the life sciences; writers, editors, and supervisors involved in basic or applied research designed to explore, describe or explain. The course is relevant for experienced as well as new writers.

This course is conducted in English. 

Course content

Day 1

  • Critical reading of scientific articles
    - Raises awareness about issues that ease or impede reading.
    - Get rid of distractions that complicate reading
  • From the problem statement to the research question.
    - Creating impact by clearly outlining knowledge gaps.
    - Focusing, by formulating a clear purpose statement.

Day 2

  • Developing the intellectual content
    - A goal-directed-publication-planning-and-writing process
    - Increasing effectiveness by writing outlines
    - How to avoid the most common writing deficiencies
  • From research question to conclusion
    - Translating data into information and insight 
    - Indicators of quality - Communicating key messages

Day 3

  • Section-specific issues for the IMRaD/IRDaM structures
    - Hedging vs. persuasiveness 
    - How to write about study validity (internal and external)
  • The Toulmin method for structuring discussion sections
    - How to effectively present an argument
    - The rebuttal  the concluding argument
  • How to write well in English
    - What to go for and what to avoid

All participants receive a binder with all course material. 

What’s special about the course?

The course ensures relevance through use of published papers selected by the participants. The course also has a clear focus on issues that frequently cause problems when writing. The long experience of the course leader further ensures the course high standard and time effectiveness.

About the speaker

Kari Skinningsrud

Kari is an experienced bilingual (English and Norwegian) medical writer and trainer, MSc (chemistry), who has worked for about 10 years in clinical research (in pharmaceutical industry) and since 2002 as a freelancer. She has given workshops on manuscript writing at several universities in different countries, gives workshops at EMWA (European Medical Writers Association) on manuscript writing, grant-writing and cross-cultural communication, and serves on EMWA’s Professional Development Committee. Kari currently works mainly with training (particularly manuscript writing), editing and medical communication, and is engaged in a training program for PhD supervisors who are enrolled in a professor programme at a Norwegian University. In 2014, she was an Invited lecturer in the subject of manuscript writing at ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) Young Oncologist Forum, in Madrid.

 The price in different currency is 7200 NOK / 7600 SEK / 5600 DKK / 750€ / £650 + VAT/TAX. If you book single days each day costs 2800 NOK / 3100 SEK / 2200 DKK / 300€ / £250 + VAT/TAX.

Event Info

Startdato 13. nov 2019, 9:00
Sluttdato 15. nov 2019, 16:00
Ledige plasser 4
Siste frist 29. okt 2019, 12:00
Pris 650 GBP / 750 Euro+Tax
Speaker Kari Skinningsrud, MSc, Medical Writer
Number Hours 18
Sted München, Kraepelinstraße