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Mobile App Development with Delphi

Course overview

This one day Delphi training course will introduce you to mobile development with Delphi for both iOS and Android Development using the FireMonkey framework.
-We will go through the steps of setting your environment up for mobile development for iOS and Android including setting up devices.
-We will get an introduction to the main differences in developing apps for mobile devices vs desktop applications.
-We will see how to make the apps look good on all sizes of devices using the FireUI framework.
-We will get an introduction to various gestures working on mobile devices like the swipe gesture.
-We will learn how to store data locally on the device
-We will learn how to get devices talking to other devices with Bluetooth and over the Wi-Fi.
-We will get into using the devices built in devices like the camera
-We will see how we can monitor app memory consumption and how to deal with it on mobile devices.
-We will go through applying various styles on the app.

For a full agenda, click here

The training is aimed at programmers who want to get a sound introduction to building apps for mobile devices using Delphi.

Previous knowledge
The course requires at least some experience in programming, preferably in Delphi.

The course will be as much hands on as possible. Some of the examples will be with iOS apps, some with Android apps and some with both.

The course is created and held by Jens Fudge. Jens has more than 15 years of experience of Delphi and arranging trainings. Due to his deep knowledge within Delphi he has been promoted to be Delphi MVP by Embarcadero. Jens is on the board of the Danish Delphi users group Dapug, and in charge of getting speakers to the bi-annually Workshop. The training is held in English and the training material is in English.

1 day

14 May, 2020

5.950 NOK/SEK

Gothenburg, Kyrkogatan 24, Alfasoft training facility


Event Info

Startdato 14. mai 2020, 9:00
Sluttdato 14. mai 2020, 16:00
Pris 5950 SEK / NOK + VAT
Sted Gothenburg, Alfasoft AB
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