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NVivo workshop for advanced users – colloquium style

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About this course
You are using NVivo in your research project and want to discuss your project set-up in a colloquium style setting? You are a proficient NVivo user, but need some feedback on burning questions like cases and classifications, surveys or queries? You want to learn how other researchers utilize NVivo, broaden your horizon and build a network with NVivo users in your area?

This course is designed for PhD students or (post-doc) researchers who are using NVivo to conduct their analysis and who are looking for a unique opportunity to present their work and discuss their project set-up. The course is perfect for everyone who has finished the NVivo “Fundamentals” and “Moving on with NVivo” courses (open or on-site) and wishes to step further.
This course will not cover basic functions, but will allow for discussion and demo of more “advanced” features, like cases and classification, queries and auto-coding.

The course will be led by a certified NVivo expert, who will guide the discussion and will show features in the software that are relevant to the students. The “NVivo workshop for advanced users – colloquium style” combines individual presentations, group-discussions, hands-on practice and expert feedback and lives from the active participation of the participants.

As a researcher you get endless opportunities to discuss your research design, methods and findings, but there´s little time to discuss HOW you conducted the analysis using a research-tool like NVivo. Sometimes our research design looks perfect on paper, but when we try to “translate” it into software tasks, we might get stuck. This course will offer you the opportunity to give a short presentation on your NVivo project, ask burning questions and discuss challenges that you are facing. It might also help to ensure you that you are on the right track.

Participants need to be familiar with the NVivo workspace and know how to use the basic features in NVivo (like Codes, Memos, Annotations etc.). This course will not cover basic functions. Every student will work in their own NVivo project and with their own data. To meet your expectations, before the workshop we will send out a survey asking you about your current use of NVivo and your questions and challenges.

Course learning outcomes
At the end of this course, participants will be able to understand how to successfully continue their projects in NVivo. They will learn how other researchers utilize NVivo for different research designs.

Please note: 
Workshop costs include coffee break refreshments. The workshop will be done for Windows only. Workshop language is English.

The price in different currency is 2850 SEK / 2600 NOK / 2020 DKK / 270€ / £235 + VAT/TAX.


Startar 20. jun 2019, 9:00
Slutar 20. jun 2019, 14:00
Tillgänglig plats 8
Anmälan stängs 05. jun 2019, 16:00
Pris 2850 SEK + Moms
Speaker Marret Bischewski
Plats Gothenburg, Alfasoft AB
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